Your Pilgram Story

Have you been on a journey you can consider as a pilgrimage and would love this pilgrim story with us and the wider public? Then please the best way is to contact us so we can discuss your story and have it published on our website.

People love to read stories because they are so great and we can familiarise ourselves with the writer. We have all our imagination and using our brain we recognize the troubles, the adventures, the other small and large issues we overcame.

Perhaps, we are a little jealous because you have been on a pilgrimage and others have not, whatever the reason, we love to publish it for our readers to enjoy.

You might even have more stories to write then we also would like to publish these. Or perhaps your friends, or the group you were traveling with.

It might be your went on a solo pilgrimage, how great is that to share?

The only thing you need to do is to contact us and we will be in touch.

We love to call via Whatsapp, Skype so we know who we are dealing with and it just communicates better when we know who is on the other site of the “line”.

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