Pilgrims of Hope

Pilgrims of Hope

Pilgrims of Hope is the key theme of Pope Francis’s pontificate, said archbishop Mario AusIII from his office at Roman Catholicism’s Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization which is in charge of Holy Year planning efforts.”
The leader overseeing these projects added that upon approval by 3rd January 2018 they began working with Vatican City authorities as well Italian locals on how best to welcome pilgrims during this time period while also awaiting further instructions from their new employer-the head Catholic church himself!

The Pope opens St. Peter’s Basilica to celebrate Christmas Eve and one year later seals it with an ornate golden key in the former’s hands while thousands watch from afar or below through their windows if they’re lucky enough not have too many people standing around looking up at them waiting impatiently!
The tradition started centuries ago when popes would open small doors inside major basilicas during holy years where only select individuals (usually high-ranking clergy) could enter; nowadays though this has evolved into something much more than just opening a door–it symbolizes rebirth for us all because there are so few ways left now that allow

The first Holy Year was proclaimed by Pope Boniface VIII in 1300, but 50 years later Clement VI launched another one. He believed that these holidays should be celebrated every 33rd year as an omen of what happened when Jesus walked this earth!

The Church has called for a holy year every 25 years to commemorate important events in Jesus’ life. In 1933, it was the 1 900th anniversary of his death and resurrection; then again from 1983-1984, there were two such anniversaries caused by being exactly 1850 years apart!

God’s mercy is always available to those who need it most. Pope Francis saw that the way Catholics act towards their neighbours can have an impact on world peace, so he declared a Year of Mercy for all intents and purposes during the 2015-16 season which had different themes including “Outreach” or making friends outside your church community. You don’t even need coffee! Just donate $1 at Starbucks instead – every dollar counts in keeping this website afloat thanks so much!

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