No Regrets

So much going on here in terms of thinking things through and taking an intelligent approach to what we believe. It’s that lovely combination of seriousness and silliness that Stephen does so well. And tat’s the word.

Executive decisions

Well, Catholic Heroes, we’re back in real time. This segment is growing on me as I reflect on the subtlety of it. I found myself wondering where it would have gone if it hadn’t been for the news out of Los Angeles yesterday.

Stephen swings a thurible

For those who caught last night’s rerun of the Report,  the clip on Tony Blair’s possible conversion is here.
“Stephen’s” tangled thurible chains are also interesting in light his claim here that he was an altar boy for 11 years. The  Chris Hedges interview is good in its own right. Here’s part 1. And while Stephen […]

“Roman Catholicism is the one true faith”

Deacon Greg has this on the Vatican’s latest statement (not the much-heralded Motu Proprio on the Latin Mass). Bringing Ecu-Menace out of the archives seems called for:

The four horsemen of the aPOPcalypse

Work calls, but let me put the clip up for your Thursday enjoyment. Several great moments here. Enjoy!

A few other notables from Wednesday’s show: a confession analogy here, and for other Apple fans, Stephen is still trying to get an iPhone. (And while we’re in the Mac vein, I couldn’t resist this link).

“He Dei’d It”

Stephen is doing so many things here: addressing the whirl of conversation taking place around the rumors, the unsubstantiated nature of those rumors, the relative significance (or not) of the possible conversion. I’ve been busy about many things these last few days, so I confess to mostly following this whole story in my Google Reader, […]

Happy Bloomsday

In which our hero, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, reads the part of Leopold Bloom in a chapter from James Joyce’s novel Ulysses
at the Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV celebration in 2005. (For more on Bloomsday, go here.)
Here’s the audio for the Lotus Eaters chapter. (Tip o’ the hat to Truth at Colbert Heroes, where […]

A Word From Your Sponsor

Just a quick note here. Hello to everyone stopping by from Open Book and Catholic and Loving It. I’ve added a new page at the top: “Past Highlights” kicks off with the Formidable Opponents Stem Cell debate. And I couldn’t wait for the weekend for a rerun so I changed the page to “Reruns”
Finally, marketers […]

“Bigger than some of the minor saints”

How did I not see that coming? Stephen has the “definitive” coverage of the thwarted disturbance during the pope’s weekly audience. “Whenever anything happens to the pope, people ask me to interpret it. I’m kind of like the Pope’s pope.”
“As you all know, I’m huge in the Catholic community. I’m not saying I’m bigger than […]


“The Bible says ‘Rule over the birds of the air and the fish of the sea and every living creature that crawls on the earth.’ So I do. Otherwise animals would never go to church on their own. I take them every Sunday. You cannot believe how squirmy pelicans get during the Eucharist.”
Oh the sheer […]