Monkey Business

Hey folks, we’re into the second week of Stephen’s vacation. He was pitching ice cream back home in Charleston over the weekend. Less than a week till we get all new episodes.
I’m deep in research for the Theo 325 Course at Colbert University. (Extra points for anyone who “gets” the course number!) This clip from […]

Magic, the Middle Ground Between Science and Religion

You never know when it’s worth staying awake through the last set of commercials for a trip to the bookshelf. On Thursday’s Report, Stephen paid tribute to TV’s Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert), who died last week, by recreating his famous egg-in-a-bottle experiment.
To this day when my kids ask how something scientific works, I say, “A […]

“Pulled together by angels”

Science and religion once again get hopelessly tangled in “Stephen’s” brain. (Recall that our character is described by his creator [tho’ perhaps not by his Creator] as a “well-intentioned, high status idiot.”)

Big Holiday Over the Weekend

From the opening segment on Monday’s Report:
Obviously, of course, big holiday over the weekend. And I would like to wish all of you a happy belated 800th anniversary of the conversion of St. Francis of Assisi.

Bonus: For a really intricate version of the chalice illusion, go here.
I couldn’t resist this snippet from the pope’s speech […]

Science and Religion—Formidable Opponents?

Not for Stephen Colbert, although possibly for his stubbornly one-sided persona, whose ignorance is only exceeded by his arrogance. At Book Expo America this past Saturday to promote his upcoming book, Colbert had this to say in response to a thoughtful question during the Q_A:
“I’m really interested in religion, I’m really interested in science. […]