Executive decisions

Well, Catholic Heroes, we’re back in real time. This segment is growing on me as I reflect on the subtlety of it. I found myself wondering where it would have gone if it hadn’t been for the news out of Los Angeles yesterday.

Stephen’s Jewish Friends

As I was finishing up the preparations for my university debut, I came across this clip from last fall, and it seemed appropriate in light of interfaith reactions to Summorum Pontificum. Stephen has his own brand of Catholic-Jewish dialogue. As we’ve come to expect, he handles other religions with intelligence, class and a healthy dose […]

“Roman Catholicism is the one true faith”

Deacon Greg has this on the Vatican’s latest statement (not the much-heralded Motu Proprio on the Latin Mass). Bringing Ecu-Menace out of the archives seems called for:

Colbert Platinum

I confess to having slept through the first two showings of the Report last night. I’ve quickly learned to rely on my TiVo! So what a surprise I had waiting for me when I got up this morning and discovered that Colbert Platinum included some advice to the pope. This really is satire at its […]

“He Dei’d It”

Stephen is doing so many things here: addressing the whirl of conversation taking place around the rumors, the unsubstantiated nature of those rumors, the relative significance (or not) of the possible conversion. I’ve been busy about many things these last few days, so I confess to mostly following this whole story in my Google Reader, […]

Big Holiday Over the Weekend

From the opening segment on Monday’s Report:
Obviously, of course, big holiday over the weekend. And I would like to wish all of you a happy belated 800th anniversary of the conversion of St. Francis of Assisi.

Bonus: For a really intricate version of the chalice illusion, go here.
I couldn’t resist this snippet from the pope’s speech […]

St. Corbinian and the Bear

I admit it, this is an elaborate excuse to post the Threatdown from Wednesday’s show:

But I do often find myself waiting for Stephen to address the fact that Pope Benedict has a bear on his coat of arms. So I went to the Google to get more info on the coat of arms. The saddled […]

“Bigger than some of the minor saints”

How did I not see that coming? Stephen has the “definitive” coverage of the thwarted disturbance during the pope’s weekly audience. “Whenever anything happens to the pope, people ask me to interpret it. I’m kind of like the Pope’s pope.”
“As you all know, I’m huge in the Catholic community. I’m not saying I’m bigger than […]