From Tuesday’s show: “The summer blockbuster season draws to a close, but remember, your local church also has air conditioning.”
The occasional segment, “Movies That Are Destroying America.” My favorite line? “Look it up in any geology textbook that is also the Bible.”


I admire Stephen like crazy when he uses his satire to make a point. Monday’s episode had me thinking long and hard about questions of timing and priorities and the demand to put gospel truth before institutions and rituals. And on Tuesday I did come across a fascinating quote from an interview with Stephen on […]

Big Day in the Colbertoverse Today!

First of all, tonight we have the first new episode after Stephen’s two-week summer break.
Second, the No Fact Zone is celebrating its first anniversary. If you want to know anything that’s going on anywhere in the world, perhaps the universe, about Stephen Colbert, they’ll have it here.

And finally, NFZ is officially launching its sister site, […]

The Gospel according to Stephen?

Still going through my archives. Today’s gospel is the Good Samaritan, and this clip from The WØRD came to mind.

Pope Stephen?

There’s a Photoshop competition going on at to show Stephen as a religious figure. You can head over there to check out all the entries and vote on your favorites, but I’ve selected this one as the obvious choice for Catholic Colbert: